We’re just getting started!

Hi, Sandy here wanting to welcome you all to That’s My Jam! Radio 🙂  My best friend Kindell suggested we start a radio station months ago after we’ve both been frustrated with the music industry and millennials who have no knowledge of the history of music.

While technically Kindell and myself are kind of within the millennial birth years, we sometimes feel we must have been born in the wrong time period, or are just plain frustrated that the classics, oldies, and not-so oldies are long forgotten by people in their 20s and younger!

Something needs to be done.  And that was why we wanted to start this project… to bring fun, entertainment facts, trivia and sentimental playlists for EVERYBODY to enjoy.  Sure, we’ll suggest current, popular music, but we also hope our millennial listeners will listen to some of the artists we grew up on and our parents raised us on.

We don’t discriminate by genre or decade.  Be prepared for crazy mixes that will range from Fleetwood Mac to Backstreet Boys, from Busta Rhymes to Tom Petty, from Dean Martin to Britney Spears, and New Edition to The Monkees.

We’ll be officially launching August 1st.  Till then, enjoy our Summer Time playlist 🙂


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